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Not only is our “Foddi” extra-virgin olive oil 100% Italian, but it is also produced following a circular economy model. We conserve and improve our local cultivars in a sustainable way and use all by-products without generating any waste. 

As we are environmentally-friendly, we reuse pomace and vegetation water. The former is used as compost, whereas the latter, thanks to its nutritional values, is used in the olive groves, in accordance with the law.

from pomace, a solid by-product of olive oil production, we separate:

  • the woody fragments of the stone – from which we obtain a sustainable biomass fuel that has a high heat of combustion and is used in our mill boilers to produce hot water
  • the olive pulp – which is used as compost in our olive groves
  • the oil waste – which is used to produce soaps that have the typical properties of olive oil: they are hydrating and soothing. The soaps are surfactant-free and are suitable for all skins, even sensitive ones

Moreover, bottling and packaging take place directly in our plants. To respect the environment, we exclusively use sustainable packaging.

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