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In order to produce an Extra-Virgin Olive Oil with low acidity, it is necessary to use an extraction process able to maintain the quality of the primary product.

Our company is equipped with a new continuous cycle plant at the forefront of technology. Thanks to this system, we are able to rigorously monitor all the production phases, from the reception of the olives to the end product and the cleaning of the equipment.

All processes: the selection of olives, cold pressing, stocking and bottling, are rigorously monitored during production. A continuous monitoring of sensitive parameters allows us to obtain a high-quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil that has low acidity, a characteristic scent of freshly-cut grass, artichoke and thistle, and a good balance of bitterness and spiciness. 


The selection of olives

Only olive trees with healthy and ripe drupes guarantee high-quality oil. Each lot is weighed and identified with its batch number, which allows traceability.


To reduce fermentation and oxidation, it is important to avoid damaging the drupes. Therefore, the olives are stored in ventilated cases.


To guarantee the best oil quality, it is important to remove all leaves and twigs from the olives, which can give a sour and woody taste to the oil.


The washing of the olives is carried out using a specifically devised waterjet system. The olives are cleansed from soil and parasites, which improves the quality of the product. Soil residue, if present, can give the oil a rather unpleasant earthy taste and reduce its shelf-life.

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