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Rosemary dressing - 250 ml tin bottle

Foddi rosemary dressing, offered in a 250 ml tin bottle, which combines an excelent sturdiness with a pleasant design, is obtained by infusion of the natural extract of rosemary in Foddi extra virgin olive oil, faithfully following a traditional technique that donates the product a richness in flavours and an intense bouquet.


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Condiment realized by infusion of the natural extract of chili pepper in extra virgin olive oil of local cultivars, a fine product rich in flavours and with an intense bouquet. The modern-designed and cylindrical-shaped 250 ml tin bottle may be used directly at the table. The can is extremely sturdy, ideal for transportation.

Why is it special?

The extra virgin olive oil, from which this dressing is drawn, is obtained by the cold pressing of local olives, grown employing eco-friendly and sustainable methods, then harvested by hand, fully respecting the biodiversity of the area. Foddi extra virgin olive oil is enhanced by the scent of rosemary, typical Mediterranean plant. Each bottle contains an exclusive bouquet, capable of evoking the marvelous Sardinian countryside.

• Wholly made of by 100% Italian ingredients
•Local olives (of the "Nera di Gonnos" cultivar) picked at ideal ripeness, and pressed within 12 hours from the harvest in the company olive oil mill
• With no dyes or preservatives
• Rich in polyphenols and vitamin E

Suggested uses:

It may be employed either uncooked straight on your dishes or for cooking.
Ideale per carni bianche, zuppe, legumi, verdure e carni grigliate, focacce bianche e ogni piatto a base di patate

Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct heat or light, preferably at a temperature between 19 and 25 degrees C.

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