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About cookies

This Website uses cookies. As explained by the Italian Data Protection Authority in the FAQ in December 2012 (see, cookies are small text files – made up of letters and numbers -  “that the websites visited by users send to a terminal (usually the browser), where they are memorized in order to be retransmitted to those websites the next time they are visited by the same user”. The purpose of cookies is to streamline web traffic analysis or to indicate when a particular website or part of it is visited, distinguish between visitors in order to provide personalized content, and help web administrators to improve the user experience.

We cannot use cookies to access other information memorized on your device, although the cookies are downloaded onto it. Cookies cannot upload codes of any kind, carry viruses or malware, and present no risk to the user’s terminal.

Below you can find all the necessary information on the cookies installed via this Website, as well as the indications on how to manage your preferences regarding them.


User’s consent

When a user visits any page of this Website for the first time, brief information on the use of cookies will appear. By using the pertinent key or clicking outside the banner containing this information to close it and continue browsing the website, the user gives her/his consent for us to use cookies, as described in this Cookie Policy.

This Website remembers the choice made by the user, so this brief information will not appear again the next time the website is visited using the same device. However, users may at any time withdraw all or part of the consent given.

Should you encounter problems of a technical nature regarding the possibility to give or withhold consent, please contact us through the channels provided for the purpose on this Website so we may help you.


The type of cookies we use

The use of cookies on the part of the Owner of this Website, Foddi Sisinnio, headquartered in Gonnosfanadiga (VS) in Via Verdi 26, is in line with the website’s Data Protection Policy; for all the information required by art. 13 of the Italian Data Protection Act, click here .

To facilitate the use of our website and the provision of our services, we use both so-called persistent cookie (i.e. cookies that remain memorized until they are removed manually by the user, or for which programmed removal in the long term is contemplated) and so-called session cookies, which are not memorized at length on the user’s computer and disappear once the browser is closed.

We use a number of different types of cookies (with specific functions), which can be classified as follows:


Technical/session: They are essential for the proper functioning of our website, allowing the user to browse through it and view the content. Deactivating them would cause the website to malfunction.

Technical/transient (The user’s consent is not required for the issue of this type of cookie): Generally speaking, cookies of this kind are necessary, for example, to keep a browsing session open or to allow the user to access any reserved areas. They may also temporarily recall text keyed in while completing a form, if the user returns to a previous page during the same session.

Technical/functional (The user’s consent is not required for the issue of this type of cookie): They offer visitors a smoother user experience and the opportunity to make the most of the particular features of the website, which functions most effectively when these cookies are enabled; users may decide, however, not to authorize their activation on their device. Generally speaking, cookies of this kind remember the language in which the user prefers to view our content, or (for a limited period) the items present in the user’s shopping cart if the session is closed before the purchase has been completed.

Technical/consent (The user’s consent is not required for the issue of this type of cookie):These cookies keep track of the consent granted for the use of cookies on this Website, so as not to show the brief information on cookies and the request for consent during subsequent visits.


Statistical/analytics (The user’s consent is not required for the issue of this type of cookie, configured to guarantee user anonymity): They are used to collect information on how users use our website. This information is analyzed in aggregate form and anonymized for exclusively statistical purposes. They are not essential, but they are extremely useful to help us improve our content and services based on the indications we receive from the statistical analysis.

Third-party cookies

While visiting this Website, you will receive cookies both from and from third-party websites, which may set cookies on your device on our behalf in order to provide their services.  

Third-party cookies allow us to obtain a more complete picture of how users habitually explore the website. We use these cookies, for example, to draw up statistics on the use of our website and to evaluate your interest in our specific content or services. More detailed information on these cookies is available in the tables present in this document and on the respective websites of the third parties in question.


Statistical cookies (third party)

This Website uses Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google, Inc., which uses cookies to collect and analyze, in aggregate form, information regarding users’ web behavior. Neither Foddi Sisinnio nor Google associate your IP address with other data in their possession able to identify you directly.

The information collected is processed by the Google Analytics systems in order to produce reports for the administrators of, which uses this information to verify the proper functioning of the services and in some cases the appeal of the content proposed.

Should you wish to disable statistical cookies, thus preventing Google Analytics from collecting data on your web behavior, you can download the component for the deactivation of Google Analytics from here:


Social Plugins and widget (third party)

Our web pages may contain plug-ins from the most familiar social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), managed by the third parties involved.

These plug-ins may, for example, correspond to Facebook “like” buttons or Twitter “retweet” buttons. If a user accesses one of our web pages with this kind of plug-in, the internet browser directly connects to the server of the third parties, and the plug-in appears on the screen thanks to the connection with the browser. The plug-in may inform the servers of the third parties which pages the user has visited.

If a social network user visits our web pages while connected to his/her account, this information could be associated to the account. If the plug-in functions are used (for example by clicking on the “like” button), the information will also be associated with the account.

In the table below you can find details on the individual plug-ins and how to deactivate them:

SOCIAL: Facebook

OWNER: Facebook Inc.

ADDRESS: 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto - CA94304, USA

DATA PROTECTION: Go to the Data Protection Policy of the third party

DEACTIVATE: Click here


How to configure your terminal

Users who do not agree with the installation of cookies must configure their browser in such a way as to deactivate the receipt of cookies or refrain from using this Website. Once the cookies are disabled, however, the website or some of its functions may not work properly.

To modify how cookies are used, to block them or to remove the cookies present on their terminal, it is sufficient for users to enter their browser settings.

Most browsers offer the option of accepting or refusing all cookies, or of accepting some of them only (for example those from specific websites).

Although the steps involved are similar, the method for configuring cookies varies from own browser to another. For details on the procedures to be followed, users may visit the website or consult the “Help” section of their browser.


For further information on cookies and to manage your preferences regarding third-party cookies, we suggest you visit