About us

Oil Mill's story

The story of Frantoio Foddi began in the fifties, after World War II, when "uncle Nicolò" came up with the idea of restoring an old abandoned oil-mill. Some years later, dad Fiorenzo completely renovated it; and in 1991, mum Angela, with the help of her four children, pursued the renovation, combining the ancient traditions with the latest techniques of harvesting, producing and preservation.

Since 2007, the oil-mill has been equipped with modern machinery to process the olives at a controlled temperature by "cold-squeezing" the oil. By constantly monitoring the entire process, we produce an oil of the highest quality. The product obtained is then preserved in stainless steel containers and in conditioned places to offer a final product that preserves all its freshness and the fragrant smell, typical of our land.

Our oil is obtained by crushing 100% Italian local olives from "Nera di Gonnos", which refers to the area of Gonnosfanadiga. Its district is one of the richest for the cultivations of this types of olives. From these excellent fields, with fantastic qualities - uniform patches, high pulp/pit relation, and high resistance to treatments, optimal organoleptic properties and long-lasting preservation - we obtain an intense, fruity, yellow-green coloured oil, with low acidity.

Its flavour is of medium-high intensity with a distinct smell of cut grass, artichoke and thistle. Its taste is pleasantly sweet, while its bitterness and spiciness are harmoniously combined, created the perfect dressing for soup, meat, fish and other dishes.

The teaches from our fathers allowed us to combine traditional procedures with the latest methods of harvesting, production and preservation of the product.

Over the last three generations, through passion and sacrifice that only the people who work the land know, our family has been producing the finest 100% italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, using exclusively local olives.