750 ml. can of extra virgin olive oil

Foddi grows olives using eco-friendly and sustainable methods, hand picked at the right degree of ripeness and cold pressed. This allows for the creation of an excellent product with low acidity and rich with an intense bouquet of cardoon, artichoke and cut grass.

750 ML. CAN.

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This oil is one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet and from the nutritional point of view has important organoleptic properties linked to the presence of polyphenols which contribute to protect blood lipids from oxidative stress. The benefits can be achieved by an intake of 20g of extra virgin olive oil in your daily diet .

Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct heat.


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Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts for 100 g. of extra virgin olive oil Foddi

Energy 899Kcal = 3762Kj
Total fats (g): 99,9 g.
- Satured fat (g): 14,46 g.
Carbohydrate (g): 0,0 g.
Sugar (g): 0,0 g.
Protein (g): 0,0 g.
Salt (g): 0,0 g.